0-100,000 Instagram followers in less than a year: Harry Needham’s incredible journey

Join Jeff Sieh as he dives into Harry Needham’s incredible journey to growing his Instagram account from 0 to 100K followers in less than 9 months!

Through the video, Harry shares:
– The #1 metric to focus on when you’re starting out
– His content worfklow and how far ahead should you plan your content
– How frequently should you post on Instagram
– The right way to use call-to-actions
– How to build a foundation of fans using DMs
– His growth trajectory and what kind of engagement can you expect in each stage
– How to lock in and double down on the content format for your channel
– Why hashtags may not be your best bet for growth after all
– His 5 biggest learnings on what content works on Instagram

About Harry Needham:
Harry Needham, popularly knows on Instagram as The Branding Harry is an Instagram expert who gives out super actionable tips on how to create better content and grow on Instagram packaged in bing-worthy visuals that you’d just not be able to get your eyes off.
He grew his channel from 0 to more than 100K followers in less than 9 months with just 250 posts on his page.
You can follow him on Instagram here:

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