10 Instagram story ideas that every business should use in 2021

If you’re looking to grow your business via Instagram, stories are a greta way to engage with your audience that feels really personal. But while it’s super easy to create stories for your personal page, creating them for your business/brand can be tricky.

Hence in this video we’ve put together 10 Instagram story ideas that actually work in 2021- they are super easy to create, and can be leverage by any brand or business irrespective of your niche and industry.

Ideas covered in the video:
0:00- Intro
0:37- Idea 1: Sneak Peek
1:20- Idea 2: New arrivals
1:37- Idea 3 : Behind the scenes
2:00- Idea 4: Polls
2:40- Idea 5: Quizzes
3:03- Idea 6: Tag that friend post
3:23- Idea 7: Gif challenge
3:43- Idea 8: Create a series of story posts
4:04- Idea 9: Mini vlog / Day in the life of template
4:25- Idea 10: Do a creator takeover

Templates covered in the video:
Sneak peak template:
New arrivals: https://bit.ly/NewArrivalTemplate
Behind the scenes template: https://bit.ly/BTSTemplate
Tag that friend template: https://bit.ly/TagThatFriendTemplate
Gif challenge template: https://bit.ly/GifChallengeTemplate
Quote templates: https://bit.ly/QuoteTemplate

Access 1000+ ready-to-use templates for Instagram videos and stories here: https://bit.ly/TryInVideoForFree


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