2X Challenge Review

2X Challenge Review – How to Double Your Sales Revenue in 30 Days

2X Challenge Review – Product Overview

2X Challenge is a 30-day serious, intended to DOUBLE an online organization’s income. The test is a mix of pre-recorded preparing, live instructing calls and programming.

It includes a different set of challenges for the marketers to take action, make them sell their first product, product launch and double their sales revenue





Creator Mark Thompson
Product 2X Challenge
Launch Date 2020-Apr-14
Launch Time 10:00 EDT
Official website http://2Xchallenge.com/
Front-End Price $100
Bonus Huge Bonus
Skill All Level
Guarantee 30-day money-back guarantee
Niche Marketing
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly recommend!


What is 2X Challenge?

2X challenge is a 30-day training program that consists of a series of challenges for the marketers that help to double their sales revenue.

It is suitable for both online and offline marketers who are in desperate need of increasing their sales and struggling to get their product launch.


2X Challenge Review
2X Challenge

About the Creators – Mark Thompson

If you know paykickstart.com, you would have already known the name “Mark Thompson”.

Mark Thompson is the co-founder of PayKickstart and has a wide range of experience in online marketing networks for more than a decade and a half now.

He loves helping high-development, B2B organizations concentrated on repeating income. PayKickstart expels the specialized obstacles include with tolerating installments, membership charging, and subsidiary administration.

He has vast practical experience in serving SaaS organizations, online course designers, participation website proprietors, and online Entrepreneurs


2X Challenge Review – What Does It Offer You?

2X challenge has offered you a lot of benefits & bonuses to the marketers. Some of the benefits which it offers are

  • 30 Days of Intense mentorship training designed solely for marketers to double their sales.
  • Live Training and Worksheet Materials
  • 30 Days access to PayKickstart (one of the greatest platform in online marketing)
  • Access to FunnelStak.
  • Cancellation Saving Templates


2X Detailed Review – 6 Important Steps inside the Training

The products comprise six modules inside the training which will be covered in 30 days.

STEP 1: Preparing For Success
Future casting:

Difficult work without a set objective or an “Unmistakable Chief Aim” is a ton like heaping coal into a steamship motor. Without a doubt, you’ll cause it to accelerate… Yet, on the off chance that the rudder has adhered to one side, it’s just going to go around. That is the reason it’s so essential to see HOW to make an objective and set a course.

Appointment Planning:

Work savvy, not hard. Figure out how to make sense of the errands that YOU can do (and that you exceed expectations at) and which assignments OTHER individuals need to do (and where to discover them).

Setting Up Your Product:

How to utilize PayKickstart to arrange your item in anticipation of the subsequent stage.


STEP 2:  Immediate Impact Revenue Accelerators
Optimizing the checkout experience:

The KEY elements to ensuring your checkout pages convert at least TWICE what they are now.

One-Click Accelerator:

This phase educates the marketers on how to create a PERFECT upsell/downsell funnel that can increase the value of every customer by up to TEN times!

Boost Transaction Value by over 30% after Crafting Your Order Bump:

There are an art and science to crafting an effective order bump and when marketers learn this process, they can boost the value of every transaction by over 30%.

Create Psychological Trigger Mechanisms:

Scarcity, social proof, exit popup intent, reciprocity, and more. These PROVEN “psychological triggers” are secret mechanisms that can ACCELERATE your conversions, and it will show the marketers how to implement each the RIGHT way.


STEP 3: Automated Traffic Systems
Picking Your Traffic:

Learn about the two sorts of traffic sources – present moment and long haul. After this, you’ll chip away at choosing up to 2 present moment and 1 long haul traffic types.

Making Affiliate Program:

Most individuals purchase promotions, produce drives, construct records, at that point advertise their items to those rundowns and NEVER make their own offshoot program! Why not have hundreds or thousands of individuals advancing your items FOR you? You’ll gain proficiency with the simple and quick approach to make your own partner program and get offshoots arranging to advance your items.

Affiliate Outreach Strategy:

So you have your offshoot program prepared – presently how would you get tons of individuals keen on elevating your items to their rundowns? Here’s the secret.

Quick ROI Paid Traffic:

Learn the strategy we use to produce an IMMEDIATE rate of return for each dollar spent on promoting. At the point when each dollar you spend can return $2 back – you’ll never be stressed over “squandering” cash on an online advertisement crusade until the end of time.

Become A Retargeting Superhero:

Don’t EVER lose a guest again. Numerous individuals online begin as “window customers.” They may tap on a promotion, look at your item, and leave. Try not to let them disregard you. Figure out how to section “window customers” into various classifications and make convincing advertisements JUST for them that will change over them into long-lasting paying clients.

STEP 4:  Maximize Revenue through Scientifically-Designed “Feedback Loops”
Produce  Customer Success Library:

SQUASH “apprehensions” by assaulting questions with examples of overcoming adversity from past clients utilizing my far-reaching “Reply Sequence.”

STOP Cancellations before they start:

I consider this the “Crossing out Saver Sequence” intended to change the brain of anyone who is considering dropping their request or participation – and it has PROVEN to be one of the most useful assets in weapons stores.

Uncovered Secret Weapon “The Dunning Sequence”:

What happens when a rebill falls flat? For instance – the Visa hits its breaking point, it terminates, the bank hinders the exchange since it is  “suspicious”, and that’s just the beginning? Gain proficiency with the specific mechanized arrangement we use to FIX these issues (and how it spared our PayKickstart merchants over $200,000 in only 4 months).

Assembling Your Own “Robotized Feedback Loop”

Why did they need a discount? For what reason did they drop? What’s their opinion about the item? For what reason did they purchase more items? Know it about your clients and why they are making EVERY move utilizing this “criticism circle.”

STEP 5: Driving Home Data-First Decision Making

This will help you drop products that aren’t working, cut campaigns that aren’t working, scale-up products that are working, scale-up campaigns

STEP 6: Shadow Sales Accelerators
How to Measure “At-Risk” Customers:

Learn how to monitor inactive customers and create outreach strategies (instead of looping in regularly and then suddenly dropping off).

Spotting Expansion Revenue Opportunities:

Learn how to spot up to 5 “add-ons” that customers are most likely to pay for.

Marketplace Leverage:

Learn how to leverage a marketplace using this comprehensive checklist.

Cohort Analyses & Value-Based Pricing:

Using specific metrics you’ll learn the process of testing prices and how you should eventually end up pricing your products. (NOTE: sometimes products should be priced MUCH higher than you think).

Onboarding Hacks:

This will make your customers “STICK” with you by setting up incentives to reach “first value”, ensure they know how to benefit the most from your product/service, and build a lasting relationship.


2X Challenge Review – Final Verdict

Everyone can get started with the 2X Challenge right away even for a complete newbie. There is absolutely no previous technical skills or experiences required

Thus, I have to say that this product is truly a game-changer for anyone who wants to earn money online. It is incredibly attractive, highly engaging and you will probably learn how to increase sales and double the revenue.

I have to say 2X Challenge is absolutely worth my money and EVERYONE should totally check it out!

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