2x Retainer Clients and Revenue Boost with Semrush: Agency Success Story

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Business Challenge:

Prior to 2017, Oneupweb had struggled with finding a reliable keyword research tool; the agency used Google Adwords’ Keyword Planner and described it as a cumbersome process with inaccurate results.

The Oneupweb team relied on Google Search Console – another search engine product – for position reporting. “We were never fully confident in the data. At that point in time, we had to regularly export 90 days of data in order to compare year over year. The process was inefficient and the data was unreliable,” says Freddy.

The agency was lacking a seamless workflow: everyday tasks were divided between a number of free and paid tools for research, tracking, technical SEO audits and reporting; their interface wasn’t intuitive.


In 2017, Oneupweb set a goal to develop new SEO and content marketing products in order to provide better service to existing clients and attract new clients. This required a new tool that provided a seamless workflow, accurate data, and addressed the existing struggles at the company.
“We chose SEMrush because the keyword tracking was much more accurate than our previous tools and the interface was very intuitive for tracking by zip code, which is important for us since we work with so many multi-location brands,” shares Freddy. SEMrush replaced Oneupweb’s several legacy tools for keyword research and site auditing/monitoring.

Next, supported by SEMrush, the company developed three new SEO products. The Keyword Gap tool allowed Oneupweb to develop its Content Gap Analysis.

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