5 Hours of Technical SEO

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Nailing technical SEO is hard: you have to master your site analysis skills, be able to implement different fixes, keep up with Google updates, and a lot more besides.
Want to streamline your tech SEO efforts? Watch the replay of our 5-hour live marathon where the brightest pros in the industry shared their expertise. Use their tried-and-tested tips to get technical SEO right!

Slides → https://www.semrush.com/webinars/5-hours-of-technical-seo/

SEMrush SEO Toolkit → https://www.semrush.com/seo/

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00:00:00 Martha van Berkel, Paige Hobart, Jeffrey Burns, Arnout Hellemans — Schema Markup Explained: 10 Complicated Concepts Made Simple and Actionable
01:01:30 Aleyda Solis, Paige Hobart, David Sayce, Paul Shapiro — The Worst Technical SEO Nightmares and How to End Them
01:58:45 Jes Scholz, Paige Hobart, Liraz Postan, Andrew Coco — Enterprise Site Pagination Faux Pas
02:29:40 Bartosz Góralewicz, Nik Ranger, Cindy Krum, Will Critchlow — The Real Problems Behind Indexing
03:30:13 Ric Rodriguez, Nik Ranger, Dawn Anderson, Duane Forrester — How Knowledge Will Define The Future Of Search — And What To Do About It Now
03:59:03 Kristina Azarenko, Nik Ranger, Ulrika Viberg, Vahan Petrosyan — JavaScript, SEO and Dollhouses
04:30:20 Jamie Alberico, Nik Ranger, Jeff Coyle, Kevin Indig — How to Leverage Insights from Your Site’s Server Logs

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