5 Hours of YouTube SEO and Marketing | The 10 Commandments of YouTube Content Strategy

Yalin Solmaz, Nikki Wicks, and Bengü Atamer delve into the tenets of storytelling and explore how brands can become storytellers to forge deeper bonds with consumers on YouTube. Learn more about how to:
* Take control of the narrative around your brand,
* Approach a content plan that’s meaningful, sustainable, and complementary to your paid marketing efforts,
* Define content goals via the Hero-Hub-Help framework,
* Validate your content ideas via the 10 Commandments of YouTube Content Strategy.

00:00 Intro
06:00 Web Properties; Earned Media, Paid Media, Owned Media
09:00 Purpose, Authenticity, Empathy
19:00 The 10 Commandments of YouTube
27:00 Engage & Build Community
33:00 Q+A

Slides and transcript → https://www.semrush.com/webinars/5-hours-of-youtube-marketing-or-it-all-starts-with-content-10-commandments-of-youtube-content-strategy/

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