5 Hours of YouTube SEO and Marketing | YouTube Live Streaming Optimization & Best Practices

Viewership on YouTube has gone up since the beginning of March. Live streaming has become a real opportunity for brands to communicate directly with their audience.
Bengü Atamer, Winnie Sun, Gaёl Breton, and Luke Sherran are going through the best marketing strategies on how to launch, manage, and optimize a live streaming event on the platform. Based on the best practices on YouTube, they go through real case studies and share knowledge on how to best reach your audience organically.

00:00 Intro
05:00 Bengü starts her presentation
13:00 Before the live stream
17:00 Use your own YouTube channel to promote the live event
22:00 During the live event
24:00 After your live stream
29:00 YouTube notifications
36:00 Q+A

Slides and transcript → https://www.semrush.com/webinars/5-hours-of-youtube-marketing-youtube-live-streaming-optimization-and-best-practices/

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