60 Minutes with Aleyda Solis

In this video, Deepak Shukla interviews international SEO expert, author, and speaker Aleyda Solis about:
* What she wishes she had known when she started doing SEO,
* Her key recommendations for SEO success,
* The most complex/difficult project she has worked on,
* Things she wishes she could change about the SEO industry, and much more.

00:00 Introduction
07:25 Aleyda’s Background in Nicaragua
13:27 How a Difficult Background Cultivates a Strong Work Ethic
15:05 Aleyda’s Working Life Before SEO
19:35 From Sales Role to Web Designer to SEO
32:13 Aleyda’s Experience Writing a Book About SEO
35:15 How Aleyda Finds Opportunities and Ideas
38:36 Has Aleyda’s Dales Experience Helped Her SEO Work?
41:26 Most Important Skills SEOs Need
45:56 The Experience Paradox: Getting Experience in SEO
49:13 How Aleyda Stays So Productive
51:55 What Would Aleyda’s Job Be Without the Internet
53:20 How Can You Stand Out When Providing SEO Services?
57:00 The Realities of Being an Independent SEO Consultant
59:28 Number One Piece of Advice Aleyda Has for New SEOs

Transcript → https://www.semrush.com/webinars/60-minutes-with-aleyda-solis/

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