60 Minutes with Barry Schwartz

⚠️⚠️ This is not an SEO tips&tricks webinar. More about Barry as a person than SEO ⚠️⚠️
In this episode, we are excited to sit down with Barry Schwartz for 60 minutes to discuss:
* His journey in building Search Engine Roundtable,
* Some of the most surprising things he’s seen in the world of SEO,
* Some tricks that are uncommon but powerful in getting better SERP Results,
* This SEO veteran’s search journey.

00:00 Intro to Deepak and Barry and the Group
06:28 Happy Birthday and Intro to Barry
08:25 How Much has Changed in the Industry
10:25 How to Approach SEO and Writing
12:35 Awkward Calls?
15:15 What has Kept Barry from Expanding into Offering SEO Services
17:42 When a Client has Taken on SEO Services?
19:23 Reaching the 30-Thousandth Post?
21:19 Was there a Point of Boredom
23:30 What is a Day to Day Schedule for Barry
25:45 What has Been Intentional in Development?
28:21 Determining What Projects to Take
29:43 What has Effected Business?
30:43 What is a Motivator?
31:55 Rusty Brick Structure
32:37 Viewer Comments and Questions
36:30 Difficult Moments in Barry’s Career
39:25 How the Team Would Describe Barry
41:55 Bringing Work Home
46:40 Winding Down After Work
50:13 Advice to Barry’s Past Self
56:39 Final Questions

Transcript → https://www.semrush.com/webinars/60-minutes-with-barry-schwartz/

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