Amazon Listing & Brand Protection

Amazon is both a flourishing marketplace and a complex and volatile system with intense competition. A lot can go wrong with a product listing, and successful sellers should always stay alert— even minor changes to a listing can seriously affect its traffic and generating sales.
In this webinar, we talk about what Amazon sellers should be worried about, and how they can protect their product listings.

00:00 Introduction
04:55 Key Threats to Amazon Seller Listings
09:58 Amazon Listing Content Changes
12:06 Amazon Brand Protection Challenges
18:35 Protective Actions You Can Take for Amazon Listings
22:49 Further Brand Protection Tips when Selling on Amazon
25:48 The Inevitability of Conflict for Amazon Sellers
26:54 The Efficiency of Software Monitoring
27:44 Amazon Listings and FDA Products
28:39 A Real-Life Story on Amazon Brand Protection and Cease and Desist Letters
34:35 The Diversity of Threats to Companies on Amazon
36:34 MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) Agreements on Amazon
38:52 Paid vs Organic Traffic for Amazon
40:43 Learning About Private Label Rights
42:54 Amazon Brand Registry Discussion
44:56 Tips for Selling More Products in Competitive Niches
49:57 A Question on Brand Registry
53:30 Can You Sell on Amazon from Other Countries?
56:19 Do You Need a Minimum Monthly Profit for Brand Registry?
57:55 Software Recommendations for Monitoring Amazon Listings
01:01:37 Are These Issues Found in Other Online Platforms?

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