Attribution Modeling and Weighting by Tony Wright (Part 2)

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Google Analytics – Conversions and Click Assisted Conversions
Okay, I am gonna jump into the analytics here, utilizing Google’s demo account. If you can go in here and play with any of these tools and learn them before you actually start looking at how to use them on your own website. But just real quick, we are going to go in here and look over to conversions, go to multi-channel funnels, looking at the overall conversions; I have got dates set at March 5th through 11th, and the total conversions, 3006. And then the click-assisted conversions, this just kinda gives me an idea about is this really worth looking at attribution. Do we have enough assisted conversions to make proverbial juice work the squeeze. In this case, we definitely would. That is pretty much all we need to look at for here.

Assisted Conversions and Assisted Conversion Value
You can go in and look at assisted conversions, this is a good tool. Basically, you can see the assisted conversions for each channel. Basically, assisted conversions means that at some point of the funnel, this channel was an assist, not the actual “last direct” you see that. In this report you want to obviously customize this; I am assuming you know Google Analytics pretty well.

But assisted conversion value, something important to understand, this is not a weighted value; this is the value of the overall assist. So there are 731 assisted conversions with total value of $200.48. I don’t know what they are selling, obviously something pretty cheap. But that is the overall assisted value. So overall conversions not just a weighted assist.

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