Big Grit Customer Story: Nate Shaw

Infusionsoft by Keap customer Nate Shaw is the founder and CEO of Brooklyn Music Factory, as he is a musician and also owns a business.

He lived in conflict for years with an identity crisis not knowing if he should consider himself a musician or an entrepreneur.

Nate attended Keap’s IKON conference where Seth Godin was speaking and Nate expressed to him that he didn’t know who he was supposed to be, to which Seth replied, “You need to think about creativity differently. I’ve met many musicians that are incredibly creative people and live a creative life and I’ve met just as many business owners. Your life as a jazz musician, your life as a business owner, they’re one and the same.”

Nate left the conference realizing that tapped into a core part of who he is and started looking at his life differently.

He started using Infusionsoft by Keap, which was his ticket to a whole world he really didn’t know about, which was the idea of sales, marketing, automation and CRM. He started meeting more and more business people that were really inspiring to him, people that run small businesses in the community.

“I believe that music is an incredibly powerful tool to bring people together and Brooklyn Music Factory is just one stop of many for these families in a community that they love,” said Nate. “Business isn’t just numbers and choices. Business is in fact a daily opportunity to be as creative as I’m willing to be.”

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