Big Grit Customer Story: Valerie Aprahamian

Infusionsoft by Keap customer Valerie Aprahamian is the founder of Advocates 4 Angels. Her company supports and protects parents of children with special needs and developmental disorders through their Individual Education Programs (IEPs).

Valerie’s daughter, Chanel was diagnosed with autism when she was three years old. She was told that she was never going to be able to read, write, talk or be successful in school and would mostly likely have to be institutionalized.

Valerie knew in her heart this was not true and she was not going to accept that. Instead, she fought.

She found a fellow mom of a special needs child who helped coach her, and through their work together, she got her daughter the care and attention she needed at school to live up to the potential she knew she had. Soon, other moms were asking her for help to do the same. That was when Advocates 4 Angels started.

Valerie would have to overcome many hardships not just involving her daughter Chanel, but the unexpected death of her daughter, Jessica, who was her biggest advocate in what she was trying to accomplish with Advocates 4 Angels.

As an Infusionsoft by Keap customer, the software helped her grow her audience and expand her reach even further, taking her business from a local level to a global level, never losing focus of her mission.

“I always say to parents, don’t give up on your child,” said Valerie. “Every child with a disability has the right to reach their full potential in life just like any other child.”

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