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00:00 Introduction
0:30 The Story
1:00 CMC Back Under 2T – Levels not seen in 16 days
1:17 Bitcoin Inflation vs BTC Supply vs Fed BS
2:26 Small Spike in Bitcoin Flow onto Exchanges 1B
3:44 Bitcoin Balance on Exchanges – a Day Later
5:00 Buying $1M Per Day
5:36 Reminder: This is Why BTC is HARD!
6:25 ETH Balance on Exchanges Dropping
7:30 Robinhood Rolls out Wallets to 2M Waitlist
8:15 Terra chooses AVAX over other L1โ€™s
9:45 Crypto Tribalism Coming to AVAX ADA Leaders
11:10 Honduras Ec Zone Accepts BTC as Legal Tender
12:00 Indiaโ€™s 30% Tax Has Crippled Volumes
12:46 NFT Marketplace LooksRare Selling to Themselves
13:31 Gary Likens Crypto to Dot Com Bubble
14:21 SPX Stocks That Split Beat by 16% – Google Amazon and Tesla
15:20 Global Wealth Disparity Last 40 Years
17:33 Alarm Bells – We Ainโ€™t Seen Nothing Yet
18:55 Flying Motorbikes are Here. Yay!

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