Business-In-A-Box – Infusionsoft’s July ’14 Free Campaign of the Month

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Attract leads, turn them into customers, and wow them with these three campaigns.

“Hello I’m Paul Sokol and this is the overview video for the July 2014 free campaign of the month. This month, we have a complete business in a box for you. Its actually three separate campaigns that operate as a framework for the three phases of Lifecycle Marketing: attract, sell, and wow.

Here is the general idea: When you capture a new lead, a follow up task is created. If further follow up is needed, you can easily create other tasks to follow up in the future. Finally, once someone becomes a customer we have a new customer welcome to really pour on the love.

And thats it! These three campaigns are a complete foundation to attract, sell and wow your customers. Let’s dig in a little more.

This framework starts with the Attract campaign. It starts when a new lead comes in either from this webform on your website OR when an employee registers the lead internally. This creates a follow up task. Inside the task itself, you see there are clear instructions on what needs to happen for follow up. It says to apply the appropriate “X Day Follow Up” note template.

That note template lives in the Sell campaign. When one of these notes are applied, it creates another task to follow up based on when you say. For example, if you were to apply the “7 Day Follow Up” note, it will create a task in seven days to follow up with the contact. Just like in the Attract campaign, these follow up tasks also contain clear instructions on what needs to happen for follow up.

Look at the last part here, “If they become a customer, apply the “*Start New Customer Welcome” note template to begin the new customer follow up.” Can you guess where that note lives?

If you guessed in the Wow campaign, you’re absolutely right! This campaign can be started manually via the note, or automatically if you are selling through an order form or our shopping cart. The ‘New Customer Welcome’ sequence switches the contact’s tags from Prospect to Customer and then it sends them a couple emails.

Of course, these three campaigns are the barebones minimum for implementing Lifecycle marketing. Use this framework as a starting point and customize it for your specific business need. Want to have customers take a satisfaction survey? Add it to your Wow campaign! Need more delays besides 3, 7 and 30 days? Add some more notes in the Sell campaign! Have a lead magnet that you want to offer? Tack on another form and sequence delivering it into the Attract campaign!

As with any campaign in the marketplace, all setup instructions you need to launch live under the campaign model. Simply install the campaign, follow the instructions, and you’ll have it up and running in no time!

Let me know what you think below and lets start implementing all phases of Lifecycle marketing!”

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