Create the Perfect Lead Magnet for Attracting Your Ideal Client

What, exactly, is a lead magnet?
“Lead magnet” is the term that is used in marketing to refer to a freebie that is given in exchange for contact information.
Lead magnets come in all shapes and sizes, some examples are downloadables such as ebooks, reports, checklists, and white papers; temporary access such as free trials and subscriptions; intangible services such as strategy calls, consultations, website, and media audits, etc.
Giving away a lead magnet is a way of giving value to obtain a person’s contact information. Contact information is very important because it’s a sales lead: the person is now a prospect who has demonstrated interest in what you sell, to the point of wanting to know more via your freebie before investing in your products or services.
Once you have that contact info, then it’s your job to nurture that sales lead and turn it into a paying customer.
In this webinar, Jimmy Newson will show you the exact step-by-step process he uses to help his clients create perfect, high-converting lead magnets that bring in top-quality leads that turn into great customers.
Bring pen and paper to this webinar where you will discover:
* A step-by-step process for choosing the right topics that resonate with your ideal audience.
* The exact questions that are on your audience’s mind concerning your offerings 
* How to build a complete system around your new lead magnet.
* And so much more!

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