Facebook Event Promotion – Infusionsoft’s May ’15 Free Campaign of the Month

Download This Campaign in the Infusionsoft Marketplace: http://insft.co/1HqSKVS

Use this campaign to promote an upcoming Facebook event to your email list.

“Hello I’m Paul Sokol and this is the overview video for the May 2015 free campaign of the month. This month, we have a Facebook Event Promotion campaign.

Here’s the general idea: once you have created a Facebook Event, you can easily invite people on your list to check it out and RSVP.

And thats it! A simple campaign to attract more attendees to your Facebook event page.

Also, this campaign is 98% ready to go out of the box! After installing it, all you have to do is provide some event information, the Facebook event URL and set some timers. From there you can publish the campaign and start using it immediately.

Let’s dig in a little more.

This campaign comes with a merge field for the event name, date and time. As you’ll soon see, these are being merged into the invitation emails. There is also a campaign link which is where you’ll want to set the Facebook event URL; the links in the emails are already pre-configured to use this campaign link too.

Let’s check out how the invitation emails work. Both these emails are 100% ready to go out-of-the-box so we’ll just look at one of them. The emails have your logo and will merge in the specific event information you provided. The link is referencing the campaign link that has been configured for the Facebook event URL.

This campaign is designed to send an initial invitation and a reminder one day before if they never click through from the initial email. You’ll need to configure these Date timers upon install to ensure the timing of the reminder is correct. This Link Click goal is tracking who is clicking through to check out the event on Facebook and how the system knows to cancel the reminder if they respond to the first one.

In other words, if they click from the first email, this goal takes them out of the sequence canceling the reminder email if it hasn’t gone out yet.

One thing to point out: while this campaign is designed to promote a Facebook event URL, you’ll notice there is no reference to Facebook in the emails, so you can technically use this with any event that has a web page where people can learn more.

As with all campaigns in the marketplace, this Help Center article will show you everything you need to launch the campaign and start using it.

Tell me what you think about this campaign below and let’s attract more attendees to your Facebook events!”

Learn more about Infusionsoft: http://insft.co/1Fb4I24

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