Facebook messenger bots 101 with Kelly Noble Mirabella

Facebook messenger bots 101 with Kelly Noble Mirabella

On our 13th episode of Just Between You And Me, Ian Anderson Gray sits down with Kelly Noble Mirabella – one of the leading experts in the world on chatbots, to help you leverage the power of Facebook Messenger bots for your business.

What you’ll learn:

✅ Why are Facebook bots all the rage right now? – 9:28
✅ What Are The Advantages Of Having A Facebook Messenger Bot? – 14:23
✅ What Are The Things Required To Setup A Bot And Which Platforms Provide This Service? – 17:10
✅ What Are Some Of The Tactics To Use A FB Messenger Bot And Can You Build One On Personal Profiles Or Groups As Well? – 38:54
✅ 2020 Being The Year Of Human-Centric Marketing, How Does A Messenger Bot Fit Into This Theme? – 43:27

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