GDPR, CCPA, ePrivacy: How the New Privacy Landscape Will Affect Marketers

Abbie Clement, Jason Hennessey, and Andrea Giannangelo look at the “new” public attitude, the emerging data privacy / legal landscape, and how this directly affects marketers. They talk about:
* The existing laws that are actually relevant to marketers,
* Which rules are on the table to come into effect next (US, EU, Brazil, and India),
* The impact this will have on marketing,
* How you can be prepared, and much more.

00:00 Introduction and Topic Overview
05:14 GDPR Explained
17:26 The ePrivacy Directive (Cookie Law)
29:50 Federal CAN-SPAM Act
34:28 CCPA and CalOPPA
44:40 Consequences of GDPR Non-Compliance
47:00 Consequences of CCPA and CalOPPA Non-Compliance
47:47 5 Practical Ways to Comply as a Marketer
53:57 How Can GDPR Be Enforced Outside the EU?
54:57 Does Google Analytics Data Apply to Data Privacy?
56:05 Can You Have a ‘Cookie Wall’ On Your Website?
58:06 Where Can You Store User Data from the EU?
59:45 Testing Your Website for Compliance

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