Google Analytics for Content Marketers

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Learn practical techniques you can apply to your own Google Analytics data to improve and optimize your content.

This presentation will focus on the most important data you can use to enhance your content marketing. It’s suitable for GA beginners through to advanced users, who are looking for new ideas to inform their content.

Presentation by Benjamin Mangold – Evangelist for Google Analytics and Google AdWords, Benjamin is CEO and Co-Founder at Loves Data.

00:04:00 Google Analytics core terminology (Pageview, Session, User, Bounce Rate)
00:09:15 Navigating Reports
00:12:30 What do people like on my website? (Behavior reports, Content grouping)
00:16:39 What do people share? (Social interactions)
00:19:52 Promotions on the website (Banners, Event tracking, Enhanced Ecommerce)
00:24:10 Value
00:25:47 Identifying goals
00:28:45 Measuring goals and actions
00:28:45 Assigning page value to different goals
00:33:57 Which content is valuable?
00:38:25 What should I post? (Reports, Site Search, Dashboard)
00:42:51 Advanced tips (Scroll Depth, Google Tag Manager)
00:44:54 Key Takeaways
00:45:43 Resources
00:46:11 Q&A section

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