Growth Hacking SEO + Digital Marketing with Adlift (SEO Q&A)

What’s it’s like to work with Paypal, AirBnB & Barnes and Noble
His top 3-5 growth hacks in digital marketing
How to build and grow a successful agency
And things we wish he knew 10 years ago
Also big Q&A, probably anything you wanted to know about SEO is already here!

0:00 Episode Introduction and Group Introduction
5:30 Introduction to All Discussion Points
7:30 Introduction to Prashant
8:25 Synergies Between Paid and SEO
9:45 Scaling Interlinking
10:51 Hacking Backlinks
12:23 Competitor Insights
13:50 Keyword Gap Analysis
14:55 Increase Page Speed
16:30 How Many Keywords to Put On a Site
18:18 The Appropriate Way to Think About Keywords
20:40 Favorite Tools for Page Speed
21:55 Balance Between Specific and Highly Competitive Keywords
25:22 Interlinking Strategy
28:07 Advice to Break The Top Three
30:50 Meshing a Keyword Strategy with Keywords
34:13 Frequency to Use Keywords in Content
37:20 What to Do When You Have Established Competition
39:38 Core First Tactics
43:20 Advice for When Clients Ask for Voice SEO
46:26 Correlation Between Paid and Organic Traffic?
50:50 Outreach and Strategy for Backlinking
54:15 Quick Group Questions

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