How Knowledge Will Define The Future Of Search & What To Do About It Now | 5 Hours of Technical SEO

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We’ve seen the rise of answers in search results; but the need to structure your information goes far deeper. Google has a knowledge gap — and it’s on us to fill it, but in a world of content, only those that offer value will survive. In this talk, Ric Rodriguez, Nik Ranger, Dawn Anderson, and Duane Forrester look at what’s happening and how you can prepare for what’s to come.

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00:00 Introduction to the webinar
01:00 Ric Rodriguez starts the presentation
03:06 Understanding Long Tail
07:00 Building a brain starts with a graph
09:25 The web is a broad and deep view into what it really means to be human
13:19 There are massive voids in the data — solving them must be our priority
16:00 Takeaways from the presentation
21:08 How to get your Knowledge Panel

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