How to Be Successful with Voice Search

How to optimize your website for voice search?
Brendan Walsh will share why regional research is vital, Schema markup implementation tips, and much more. Our own Olga Andrienko will unveil the results of the SEMrush Voice Search Study.
Join this webinar and discover what to focus on to improve your chances of being featured as the local voice search answer.
Hosted by Kelsey Jones.

00:00 Introduction
05:21 The Technical Side of Voice Search
08:06 The Importance of Proper Research for Voice Search
10:43 Planning a Voice Search Content Strategy
12:55 Creating Quality Content for Voice Queries
15:27 Publishing and Sharing Content
17:04 Measuring and Analyzing Results
19:24 Which Industries is Voice SEO Necessary For?
22:23 Voice Search Study from 2019
24:23 SEMrush 2020 Study on Local Voice Search
38:20 Schema Markup Generators & Structured Data
40:31 Is Position Zero The Only Accurate Gauge of Voice Search Performance?
43:05 Does Google Track Voice Questions and Answers?
46:08 Examples of Companies Leading at Voice Search
49:02 How to Optimize WordPress Websites for Voice Search
51:19 Does Your Browsing History Affect Voice Search SERP Results?
54:45 How Has Search Changed During COVID-19?

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