How to Build a Strong Marketing Strategy

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Running and growing your business seems more unpredictable during these trying times. So what can you do? Knowing and understanding trends can help you uncover new opportunities for business growth. By leveraging market analysis insights, you can create a strategic roadmap to forecast desired and profitable outcomes.

In this webinar, Jimmy Newson and Tristam Jarman will teach you everything you need to know about how to leverage market analysis for marketing strategy, including:
11:01 What is Market Analysis? Why do businesses need it?
16:45 What’s the Market and Audience Size?
19:50 Determining your competitors
25:45 Identifying market trends and growth rate
30:00 Getting an in-depth look at competitors (Porter’s 5 Forces Analysis)
34:00 Access to the market for the new entrants
43:23 5 types of competitors to be looking out for
47:23 Identifying the right demographic

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