How to create Facebook Ads that convert With Kamil Sattar

How to create Facebook Ads that convert With Kamil Sattar

Do you have an online store that you are trying to drive traffic to? Chance are that Facebook ads are your biggest bet, and you have to be able to make them work if you are to build a successful dropshipping / e-commerce business. But we all know how that’s a lot easier said than done!

That’s why on our next episode of ‘Just Between You And Me’ we’re sitting down with The Ecom King- Kamil Sattar to pick his brains on the exact step-by-step formula that he follows to generate thousands of dollars in revenue every month for his own dropshipping business.

What you’ll learn:

✅ What’s The Best Facebook Ad Strategy That Converts? – 19:03
✅ How To Create Cinematic Ads That Get Very High CTRs? – 25:35
✅ What Are The Numbers One Should Consider When They Launch A Product? – 29:22
✅ How To Scale Ads That Work? – 34:00
BONUS: Q&A with Kamil

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