How to Create Your Buyer Persona

#BuyerPersona #CustomerResearch

The phrase “buyer persona” gets mentioned a lot, but as with content marketing strategy, not many businesses have it written down. Regardless of what stage your company is in, one of the priorities should be creating an in-depth buyer persona profile. As even existing businesses have to calibrate the portrait of their audience from time to time.

In this webinar, Randy Milanovic and Tristam Jarman will teach you everything you need to know about building your brand’s customer personas, including:
06:02 What is a buyer persona?
08:20 How building buyer personas can help your marketing and business?
42:30 What should the buyer persona profile include?
43:29 How to find data to research buyer personas?
47:05 Analyze demographics and psychographics (age, gender, and interests of the audience) with the SEMrush Market Explorer

SEMrush Market Explorer →

More information about how you can create buyer personas for your business + amazing PDF with the template in our guide 👉

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