How To Generate Leads From LinkedIn

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Have you been looking to increase your success in lead generation on Linkedin? Looking for some top tips and tricks to give you a head start or improve your strategy and profile?
Deepak is going through how to generate leads from Linkedin.

He is going over what both is and is not lead generation on Linkedin. Also why Linkedin is a premier source for lead generation.

1:17 Why Linkedin? Some vital statistics
2:02 What isn’t LinkedIn Lead Generation
3:26 Only Outreach to Ideal Clients
4:53 Only accept people relevant to your business
5:44 What is LinkedIn boolean search
8:04 3 Rules to follow every day

3️⃣You will also get to learn some of the top 3 strategies for lead generation, as well as, 3 additional rules to using Linkedin for lead generation.

📽️This is the third in the series video on LinkedIn marketing by Deepak Shukla, this one is how to Generate Leads on Linkedin
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