How to Get an Affiliate Website from 0 to 100 as Fast as Possible (with Matt Diggity)

In this webinar, Matt Diggity discusses why he purchases websites rather than building them from scratch, how you can find diamonds in the rough, and the first steps he takes to get them to full power as soon as possible.
Guest experts: Julie Adams, Olesia Korobka. Hosted by Craig Campbell.

0:00 Introduction
5:08 Matt’s Affiliate Success Story and Background
8:19 The First 30 Days of Working on an Affiliate Website
10:04 Why Purchase a Website Instead of Building from Scratch?
15:09 Where Can You Buy an Affiliate Website?
17:46 Auditing a Website Before Buying
21:34 The Super Audit
33:05 How Hard Work Pays Off in Affiliate Marketing + Extra Resources
34:28 Affiliate Marketing Without Much Startup Capital
37:55 Moving from Building Affiliate Websites to Acquiring Them
39:50 The Highest Amount to Pay for a Website
42:26 Selling Products vs Generating Leads
44:12 Microniche Websites or Authority Websites
45:46 Budget for Content Writing and Editing
50:52 When to Move from Amazon to Other Affiliate Programs
55:03 When to Scale in Affiliate Marketing and Hiring The Right People
57:54 Manual Google Penalties and Recovery

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