How to grow on YouTube 2021 with Ecom King Kamil Sattar

Join Jeff Sieh as he digs into Kamil Sattar’s incredible journey where he took his channel from zero to more than 100K subscribers in less than 12 months.

– Key fundamentals for growth on YouTube
– His revenue streams on YouTube and how much did he make at each stage of growth
– His content framework and how he plans his content
– Pitfalls that he could have avoided and how you can do so too
– His mindset and vision for his YouTube channel.

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About Kamil Sattar:
Kamil Sattar popularly known as the Ecom King is the youngest member to ever be on the Forbe’s council. He makes $80K in net take home profit every month from the multiple 7 figure commerce stores he has built, and is a strong advocate for why paid courses should just be a relic of the past. Kamil’s built and enormous fan-base on YouTube of more than 160K followers in just a year- thanks to the crazy amount of free content that he creates for people around dropshipping and e-commerce.
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