How to grow your business via influencer marketing with Mike Allton

How to grow your business via influencer marketing with Mike Allton

Have you always wondered how you can collaborate with top experts/ influencers in your niche and give your business a massive head start? We know what you’re thinking- this won’t be possible unless you are a massive brand, or you are open to spending thousands of dollars. But what if it was? What if you could leverage influencers to not just get brand awareness but real sales and revenue?

To show you this and more, we’re sitting down with Mike Allton- brand evangelist for Agora Pulse and an ace influencer marketing expert to ask him the questions you’ve always wanted to, and bring you insights that you can action for your own business from the word ‘GO’.

What you’ll learn:

✅ What Are The Benefits Of Influencer Marketing? – 10:31
✅ How Do You Zero Down On The Right Influencers? – 15:42
✅ How Do You Set Up Reasonable Expectations And Still Be Responsible? – 25:06
✅ How much should you spend on influencer partnerships? – 33:04
✅ When Should You Hire Someone To Run An Influencer Program? – 44:05

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