How To Hire The Right SEO Expert

In this video you’ll learn how to evaluate an SEO candidate’s skills and experience.
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Here’s our template:

If you ever tried hiring an SEO specialist, whether they were gonna be the Head of an SEO team or just an SEO expert for a consultation, you might have found it complicated to evaluate the real hands-on experience of these people.

In this video with Maxim Roslyakov, our SVP of Marketing, we try to show a super quick and very easy way to do it. And it consists of only 2 steps.

Step #1: once you have a list of candidates that have applied, find the info about their previous job experience on their CV or LinkedIn. Max suggests considering only experience of more than 1 year since SEO it’s a pretty long process.

Step #2: with the dates written down, go to Organic Research in Semrush and look for the domain where your candidate worked and check the traffic on the specific dates when they were at the company.
By following these very easy steps it’ll be clear who made the organic traffic of a website grow, who didn’t, and exactly what happened during their time at the company. This is also a great way to start a discussion during your interview, breaking down traffic spikes or drops and getting to know more about how the candidate works.

Step #3 (optional): create a spreadsheet with a list of all candidates and their experiences and prioritize them, this way you will know immediately who’s more worthy of your time.

What do you usually do to evaluate a candidate’s experience? Let us know in the comments!

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