How to Leverage Insights from Your Site’s Server Logs | 5 Hours of Technical SEO

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As a wise Webmaster Analyst once said, “Check with your server logs, no need to trust random people on the internet.” Jamie Alberico, Nik Ranger, Jeff Coyle, and Kevin Indig explain how to take your SEO strategy from theoretical to applied with hands-on strategies for making meaningful decisions using first-hand sources of truth.

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00:00 Introduction to the webinar
01:00 Jamie starts the presentation
02:54 Logs are a record of every request a server receives
08:00 Unlock logs
12:35 Query: Which languages are being crawled
15:06 Starting query: What HTTP status codes are we returning?
16:17 Advanced use cases + blended data
20:00 Q+A
22:02 Question: When do you decide to push for a log file analysis?

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