How To Make Money On YouTube With Marissa Romero

How To Make Money On YouTube With Marissa Romero

Have you always wondered how your favourite YouTube creators make their $$$, and how you can make them too?
What if we told you there are a number of ways for you to make money on Youtube even if you don’t have a lot of subscribers?

If that sounds like something you don’t get to learn every day, you definitely wouldn’t want to miss out on this episode of Just Between You and Me.
We’re sitting down with Marissa Romero- YouTube expert and strategist to show you all the opportunities you have to make money on Youtube in 2020.

What you’ll learn:

✅ Should You Start Building An Email List From The Beginning? – 8:23
✅ How To Research About Topics That Your Community Will Be Interested In? – 9:22
✅ How Often Should You Publish On Your Channel For Effective Engagement? – 22:40
✅ How Dependent Should You Be On Adsense For Your Channel? – 29:00
✅ Can Sponsorship Be Another Great Source Of Revenue For Your Channel? – 36:01
✅ What Are The Dos And Don’ts For Creating Gold Standard Videos That Convert? – 39:45

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