How To Make Video Content More Engaging: 7 Ways

In this video you’ll learn how to make engaging videos and how to not lose your audience’s interest.
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The advice to make a video more engaging and interesting can be countless, but in this video we focused on small actionable steps that you can take immediately, even on your old video content.
All these pieces of advice, in fact, try to drive more and more traffic to your YouTube channel and your videos, so that your viewers stay on your content for the longest time.
Here are the steps:
1. Hook the user from the beginning
2. Research a good topic and find the best keywords for your title with SEMrush’s Keyword Overview (you can check it out here:
3. Use time-triggered cards to promote other related content of yours
4. Use timestamps in the description of your video
5. Always have captions available
6. Ask people to subscribe to your channel
7. End your videos with suggestions by adding an end screen

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00:00 Intro
00:33 Tip 1: How to hook a user in the first 10 seconds
01:33 Tip 2: How to do a killer keyword research for your title
02:35 Tip 3: Use time-triggered cards to promote related content
03:04 Tip 4: Add timestamps to your description to make user experience easier
04:07 Tip 5: Add captions! They’re super useful for all those who cannot hear and help with boosting your ranking on Google
05:14 Tip 6: Ask people to subscribe! It seems lame, but it works!
06:02 Tip 7: Add end screens to promote other videos or channels in order to keep people interested!

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Why videos with no audio are so important:
Closed captioned videos rank higher:
Our YouTube Optimisation Playlist:

Keyword Overview:

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