How to optimize content for the Featured Snippets

Every SEO knows what are the featured snippets and how much valuable they’re to boost organic traffic.

But, the challenge comes when you need to earn them.

The way it’s not easy to reach page 1 and maintain your spot, it’s not easy to be on the featured snippets and maintain it.

But, it’s not impossible!

Whenever it’s featured snippets, here are the most common questions you may have-

-How to get a featured snippet?
-Is it possible to earn a featured snippet right after publishing content?
-What should be the keyword research strategy for getting featured snippets?
-How many words content must have?
-Featured snippets give answers on Google- does this affect the CTR?
-If yes, how to make sure it doesn’t?
-If no, how do you say that?
-What are the best practices or tips to get a featured snippet faster?
-And more

All of your questions will get answered in this powerpack webinar of How to optimize content for the Featured Snippets, where Himani Kankaria will share everything from her tried and tested practices, frameworks she uses (which you can copy and use), and many real-life examples which you can directly inspire from and implement for your SEO projects.

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