How to Rank on YouTube

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In this video Luke Sherran give the best tips to rank on YouTube.
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Luke Sherran shares 10 tips that can really help you improve the visibility of your videos in search. But on top of that, he also shares a key point that a lot of video marketers don’t tell you, and this could make a huge difference to how your channel performs.

#1 – Optimise for the viewer: the reason you need to optimise for the viewer, is because the YouTube algorithm is based primarily around User Behaviour Metrics.

#2 – Keyword research: like any form of SEO, you need to start with your keyword research to identify opportunities based on search volumes and the level of competition; and this should be done before you make your video.

#3 – Formatting your tags: tags are only really important within the first 24 hours after publishing your video when talking about search traffic

#4 – Descriptions: focus on the user first, and think about what you can say in that paragraph to encourage the click through

#5 – Optimise your thumbnails: the right thumbnail can have a huge impact on overall video performance

#6 – Optimise your titles: when it comes to writing titles, the focus shouldn’t be on SEO, but making sure you get the viewer to click

#7 – Edit your captions: I recommend using the editor to correct the auto-generated captions rather than trying to create new ones from scratch. This can save you a lot of time!

#8 – Try to maximise watch time: it’s the most important metric on the YouTube platform, and it’s the single biggest ranking factor as it’s the best measure YouTube has in understanding the quality of your content, and the most difficult to manipulate and gamify

#9 – Aim for maximum session time: this is another behaviour metric used by YouTube to try and determine both the quality of your content, and ultimately the level of satisfaction of the viewer after they’ve watched your videos

#10 – Engagement & viewer signals: viewer signals are what most people consider to be in engagement, and these are things like likes, dislikes, comments and viewer feedback. Viewer signals play a part in video discovery, and YouTube states that these can help them tune their recommendations

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