How to Start a PPC Campaign

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With so much information to try and comprehend, starting a new PPC campaign can seem like an impossible task. Luckily for you SEMrush is here to lead you on your way to running the best PPC campaigns possible . Check out our brand new tutorial for how to get started with your PPC campaign! We’ll walk you through the entire process, utilizing several SEMrush tools – including the PPC Keyword Tool, Ads Builder Tool, Domain vs. Domain, and more!

0:35 Phase #1: Competitor analysis (use BOTH Organic Research and Advertising Research reports)
1:44 Ads History report
2:52 Ad Copies report
3:11 Phase #2: Keyword research. Keyword Gap (previously known as Domain vs Domain)
4:48 Keyword Overview
5:28 Keyword Magic Tool
6:02 Phase #3: Campaign planning. Set up PPC Keyword Tool
7:58 How to create single ad groups in 1 click
8:30 Setting up Ad Builder

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