How to take your GMB Listing from Basic to Brilliant (Local SEO)

So, you’ve got your Google My Business listing up, you’ve dodged past the ‘set it and forget it’ fail and you’ve followed a checklist (or two) to get it going. But how do you take it up a level?

Come and find out from a panel of local SEO experts. Learn what they do to take their client’s listings beyond the basics, into the brilliant, traffic and sales-generating machines a great GMB listing can bring. Hear about the tools they use and the strategies and techniques to stand out from the crowd.
Panel: Niki Mosier, Amanda Jordan, Tim Capper, Andrew ‘Optimisey’ Cock-Starkey

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0:00 GMB Listing from Basic to Brilliant
06:10 Getting the GMB basics right by
07:50 Set up UTM tracking
12:47 Using the right categories & experimenting
17:21 Making the most of Attributes
19:31 Added extras to use
21:01 Postamatic tool for GMB Posts
24:28 Spam fighting tips
33:23 Setting up a spam-fighting account
40:44 The importance of responding to reviews
43:34 The Business Redressal form
48:29 Service Area Businesses
58:42 Favourite/most underused GMB feature

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