How We Increased Our Blog Traffic 2x! [Semrush Strategy]

In this video, you’ll learn how we at Semrush managed to double our blog traffic in a matter of months thanks to this strategy.

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It doesn’t really matter what size is your business, if you follow SEO best practices and a well thought strategy you will get consistent and remarkable results. How do we know? Because we experienced it on our own skin.
After being created, the Semrush blog grew to become one of the most important blogs in the business, but after a few year of natural growth, the blog stopped performing and the traffic was stagnating. We were not regressing, but we were not growing anymore.
That’s when we decided to ditch our 100% reactive approach to a 100% proactive one. And the results arrived immediately.
Join in on this interview to our SVP of Marketing, Maxim Roslyakov, where we lay down step-by-step the strategy that brought us to double our organic blog traffic (non-branded one, for you geeks) in a matter of months.
Max explains that we:
– Started with a Content Audit, where we checked all the pieces of content we had on our blog, eliminated the non-performing ones, updated the ones that were old or needed a new life.
– Proceeded with doing keyword research, to create the topic clusters that were most important for us and our niche
– Created a Content Plan where we connected all the subtopics to the main topic of the cluster
– Checked the performance of the content we posted and added backlinks if needed
– Repeated the process in a loop

Seems pretty easy, doesn’t it? Then you’ll be even happier to know that this very process will work even better on a smaller company than us, because it’s a matter of how fast you manage to intervene on non-performing content and auditing the new one you create.

Let us know in the comments what you think about this strategy, and if you’re planning to implement it!

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