Marketing Scoop 2.12 [Special] Marketing Campaigns from the SEMRush Australia Search Awards

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Today’s guests have all produced outstanding campaigns for the SEMRush Australia Search Awards.

Here’s a summary of the conversation that we had…

2:30 Duncan Jones, Head of Strategy and Growth at Web Profits give some background to the winning entry: Aussie Broadband

3:27 Duncan gives a summary of Aussie Broadband’s integrated marketing campaign

7:02 How Duncan does growth marketing

12:12 About Duncan’s team

13:30 How to encourage more online reviews

16:40 Matt from Yellow Octopus shares his campaign for “The Living Room”

20:07 What does an engagement ad look like?

24:00 Matt’s thought on what integrated marketing is

27:33 Why time was of the essence for Matt and what that meant for implementing the campaign

28:57 Russ’ campaign for Billy J Boutique

35:00 How Russ structures his team and gets everyone to work together

39:28 What Duncan would do differently next time

40:42 Duncan shares his actionable tip

42:16 Matt shares learnings from this campaign

43:54 Matt shares his actionable tip

45:21 What would Russ change in hindsight?

46:30 Russ shares his actionable tip

Today’s guests were:

Russ Macumber, a Senior Digital Strategist at
Duncan Jones , Head of Strategy at Growth at
Marketing Maestro at

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