Marketing Scoop 2.34 [SEO] How do you recover from a Google Penalty?

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Have you ever had your organic search rankings plummet just as a new algorithm update is rolling out? How do you identify that the algorithm update caused the ranking fall and how do you pinpoint what needs to be done to recover?

Those are the topics that we explore on season 2, episode 34 of Marketing Scoop.

Joining us for this episode are:

Marie Haynes – a lady who’s completely obsessed with understanding Google’s algorithm changes such as Google’s Core Quality algorithms, the Penguin algorithm and the Panda algorithm as well as Google Penalties. For years now she’s been helping businesses learn how to improve their Google presence in ways that comply with Google’s Guidelines.

Bill Hunt – the President of Back Azimuth Consulting, which focuses on helping companies understand the Voice of their Customer by via their cloud-based keyword data mining and management platform, which aggregates keyword data into a single web-based application, enabling marketers to quickly identify actionable insights.

Here’s what we chat about:

1:00 Introducing our guests – Marie Haynes and Bill Hunt
2:00 What is a Google penalty? Is it just a manual action?
4:00 Are algorithmic ranking actions also penalties?
6:00 How does Bill deal with ranking losses?
10:30 What do we have to do and in what order to establish what impacted our site’s rankings?
12:00 How does Bill improve the authority of his website?
15:00 Does Marie have any workflows that she works to, to diagnose problems?
19:00 What are the metrics that Marie uses to measure authority?
21:00 Does Bill agree with Marie on how to measure authority?
25:00 What recovery process does Marie advise?
29:00 What is Bill’s recovery process?
31:30 What’s by far the best way to get a manual action removed?
32:00 Bill’s actionable tip
32:45 Marie’s actionable tip

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