Marketing Scoop Episode 2.16 [Advertising] What activities should you be automating in 2019?

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Marketing Scoop Episode 2.16 is an ‘advertising’ themed episode – specifically focusing on “What paid search activities should you be automating in 2019?”

Paid search is an area of digital that has changed so much over the past few years. It used to be where manual selection of keywords, ad copy and landing pages were the things that you needed to be doing to run your campaigns as efficiently as possible. Now, in 2019, you’re being inefficient if you try to do everything yourself.
In this show, we look at what to automate when it comes to paid search in 2019.

Joining us are 2 great guests…
– Michael Fenlon – Paid Media Manager at Seven Star Digital
– Nils Rooijmans – Search Marketing Business Consultant from

Here’s what we discuss:

0:40 Introducing Michael
1:10 Introducing Nils
1:30 Google seems to be pushing ad automation a lot at the moment – why is this the case?
3:20 What areas of automation is Michael using at the moment?
4:20 Does Michael advocate starting off paid campaigns on a manual basis before turning them into automated campaigns?
7:30 Is it not the case that once campaigns have been optimized manually then they should be passed over to the machines to further optimize?
9:30 What are some of the benefits of using scripts?
11:35 What are the top 3 scripts that advertisers should be using?
14:20 But surely if you don’t embrace automation you will get left behind?
15:00 Are there certain industries that are more appropriate to use manual management of campaigns?
15:30 What are the panel’s thoughts on using automation to generate ad copy?
17:40 What kind of activities should paid search advertisers be automating at the moment?
20:00 What re our guests’ actionable takeaways?

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