Marketing Scoop Episode 2.20 [Advertising] Why Advertise on Quora?

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Marketing Scoop Episode 2.20 is an ‘Advertising’ themed episode – specifically focusing on “Why Advertise on Quora?”

Have you been happily advertising using Google Ads or Facebook over the past couple of years, thinking that it’s not necessary to consider other traffic sources? If so, you might be missing out. A lot of smart marketers are now driving quality traffic from alternative networks such as Quora – and that’s something that we’re focusing on in this episode.

2 great guests joined us for this episode of the Scoop:

JD Prater, Quora Evangelist
Joe Martinez, Director of Client Strategy at Clix Marketing
And here’s what we covered:

1:00 Introduction of today’s guests – JD Prater and Joe Martinez

2:30 How is Quora different from other online advertising networks?

3:30 What kind of targeting options are available on Quora?

5:00 How affordable is Quora advertising compared with Facebook or LinkedIn?

8:30 What is the quality of the traffic available from Quora?

9:35 Is this a retargeting opportunity as well or is it only an opportunity to acquire new customers?

11:20 Do Quora offer age or gender targeting?

12:40 Are there any specific verticals that perform best on Quora?

13:30 What kind of landing pages tend to perform best on Quora?

14:40 Should advertisers also be interacting organically on Quora?

17:00 How accurately can you target somebody’s location?

19:00 How can advertisers get stated quickly?

22:00 Is it a good idea to post and answer your own question on Quora?

25:30 What is JD’s actionable tip?

26:00 Joe shares his actionable tip

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