Marketing Scoop Episode 2.22 [Content] What is the ideal content marketing framework?

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What is the most efficient and effective content marketing framework and how does it help you to drive large volumes of organic traffic without a bid budget? Today’s episode looks at why having a scientific approach to your content marketing campaigns is likely to be beneficial to your organic success.

Joining us are 2 great guests…
• Nadya Khoja, Chief Growth Officer at Venngage
• Dan Knowlton, KPS Digital Marketing Agency Co-Founder

Here’s what we discuss on this episode…
0:30 Guest introductions
1:30 Does Nadya have a standard content production formula?
2:50 Does Nadya use Domain Authority as an important content marketing success metric?
5:05 Does Nadya also target answer boxes in the Google SERP?
6:00 Does Dan also incorporate domain authority into his content marketing approach? What content marketing framework does Dan use?
9:00 How might Dan change his content marketing strategies if the costs of operating on Facebook gets prohibitively high?
10:00 Does content marketing on LinkedIn work for any type of business or is it best for certain types of businesses?
11:20 What is Nadya’s LinkedIn content marketing strategy?
13:00 Is it a good strategy to focus all of your time and effort on just the one social network?
15:00 What other metrics does Nadya use to measure the success of her content marketing activities?
17:20 Have you seen correlations between content engagement levels and rankings?
20:00 On social media, what metrics does Dan use to indicate to determine whether a post has been particularly successful?
24:30 How do our experts recommend splitting up tasks for their content marketing team?
27:00 How does Dan split up his various content marketing activities?
29:45 What is Nadya’s actionable tip?
30:30 Dan’s actionable tip

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