Marketing Scoop Episode 2.23 [Success Story] Memorable Marketing Infographics

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In this week’s episode of Marketing Scoop, we look at 2 of the most successful Infographics produced by the marketing industry for the marketing industry. We look at how to come up with creative ideas for major content pieces; how to produce powerful, evergreen content pieces that are infographic-led and the value that you might hope to get out of such content.

Joining us are 2 great guests…
Scott Brinker, Founder,
Jeff Sauer, founder,

Here’s what we chat about in our discussion:
1:00 Guest intros
2:40 How did Scott Brinker originally come up with his infographic?
4:20 With around 6800 marketing technology vendors currently on Scott’s infographic, how can he possible keep thigs up to date?
5:10 How did Jeff’s infographic come to be?
7:30 What outcome did Jeff wanted to achieve from his infographic?
10:10 Why does Scott keep publishing a new version of his infographic every year?
12:00 What kind of investment in Scott making in this?
13:00 What kind of measurable result is Scott getting out of this?
14:20 Did raising the value of Scott’s personal brand impact his long-term success?
15:00 What kind of business value did Jeff get out of his infographic?
17:15 Was everything that Jess achieved as a result of publishing the infographic planned?
19:00 Did Jeff do much paid promotion?
21:00 What was Jeff’s promotion strategy?
22:00 If Scott was going to try and start the same thing again today, would he do it the same way?
22:40 How would Scott and Jeff advise content marketers if they would like to replicate the same success that they’ve had with infographics?
25:40 How often does Jeff try to update his infographic?
26:50 Would it be a good idea for a marketer to try to replicate this activity if they only have a limited amount of time?
29:50 What’s Jeff’s actionable tip?
30:20 Scott’s actionable tip

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