Masterclass: How to get more followers on Instagram with Jenn Herman

Instagram- the freakishly addictive ever-so-cool app on our phone that has quickly become the center of our universe. Whether we love it or hate it, we can’t deny the massive opportunity it presents for us to connect with our audience, turn them into fans, and eventually get them to buy from us. But we both know how getting more followers is a lot easier said than done.

That’s why on our season finale of Just Between You and Me, we’re sitting down with the world’s forefront Instagram blogger and expert Jenn Herman, to unlock her recipe for growing your Instagram fan base.
We’ll ask her the questions you’ve always wanted to so we can bring you super actionable tips that you can start applying TODAY!

Join us LIVE,
This Wed, 30th Sep, 10 AM PST

What you’ll learn:
✅ What Is More Important – Instagram Feed Or Stories? – 7:13
✅ How To Determine The Engagement Your Content Is Receiving? – 9:16
✅ Defining Your Content Strategy To Get More Followers. – 12:17
✅ How To Leverage Instagram’s Algorithm To Get Your Content In Front Of More Eyeballs. – 24:13
✅ Do Paid Traffic Work On Instagram? – 33:40
✅ How Is Location Search Helpful On Instagram? – 38:24
✅ BONUS: Jenn’s Top Tips To Gain More Followers In 2020. – 43:15

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