Meticore Review – Discover How To Increase Your Metabolism

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A person’s metabolic rate is a measurement of how fast their body burns calories which are, in turn, a measurement of energy.
Burn more calories than your body consumes and you lose weight; burn more calories than your body consumes and you gain weight. Another way to say that is this: consume less calories than your body burns and you lose weight; consume more calories than your body burns and you gain weight.

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“over 130 smoothies, juices and cocktails”
This book is my personal collection of the best recipes to create delicious smoothies, green smoothies, super shakes, power juices, elixirs and genius cocktails that are magic for your body.
Feast as you fancy, with recipes that make your smoothie challenge .. smooth sailing, carry you through your juice fast, ease your detoxing after wild times and support you with an extra boost of nutrients when you are unwell – while super charging your system.

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