Neuropathy No More – Diabetic Neuropathy: Honey, I Can’t Feel My Fee

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Nerves are important in the proper functioning of the body as they allow body movement, breathing, sensing, and reacting to messages about how an individual feels. However, a condition affects the nerves, causing pain, numbness, tingling, and a burning sensation in one’s body. The condition is known as Neuropathy.

If nothing is done about the condition, it can cause serious and fatal side effects. Some patients who have suffered from Neuropathy have either had their legs or arms amputated. If you are suffering from this condition, it is time you approach this in a different manner to avoid this horror story.

Here we will guide you on everything you should know about the condition and what you can do to stop the pain and live a happy and normal life.

What is Neuropathy
As stated earlier, Neuropathy is a condition that affects the nerves causing pain, tingling, and numbness of the legs, toes, or arms. Neuropathy has several types, which are named depending on the nerve they attack in the body. The most common ones are;

Peripheral Neuropathy
This type of Neuropathy affects both the feet and the hands, causing loss of balance. It is a form of Diabetic Neuropathy.

Autonomic Neuropathy
Neuropathy affects the nerves that control the involuntary function in our bodies like digestion, heartbeat, and urination.

Proximal/Thoracic Neuropathy
Proximal Neuropathy is almost similar to peripheral Neuropathy, but the difference is, proximal Neuropathy attacks the nerves in a specific section like the legs or chest wall.

This affects any single nerve anywhere in the body or damage that happens to a single nerve; normally, it’s a nerve close to the skin and near a bone. Carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the best-known forms of mononeuropathy.

Even though neuropathies are of different types, one common thing about this condition is that it affects the nerves around the body.

What Happens When You Suffer from Neuropathy?
First of all, you need to know that your body’s nerves are connected to the central nervous system, the brain, and the spinal cord. This is why when you touch something cold or hot, you can feel it. Your nerves act as messengers between your central nervous system and the rest of your body.

When one suffers from Neuropathy, the nerves are attacked then this disrupts the nerve’s ability to send information to the brain and spinal cord. It is causing an imbalance of the body and loss of sensitivity to temperatures.

What Causes Neuropathy?
Neuropathy usually occurs when other illnesses attack the body and come as a side effect. Sometimes you may be aware of the disease you have, and sometimes you may not know. For example, if you have diabetes, nerve damage comes as one of the side effects of the disease. Apart from that, many other conditions affect the nerves causing Neuropathy.

Julia Stevens is a patient who has been suffering from Neuropathy for quite some time. While researching online about managing the condition naturally, she came across a health practitioner named Jodi. She confirms to her that Neuropathy is a side-effect of other diseases. One does not get Neuropathy; you first contact an illness that causes it.
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