On-Page Optimization Process | Introduction | Lesson 18/31 | SEMrush Academy

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You will walk through the entire on-page optimization process.
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0:05 Why are on page content signals important?
0:26 What is this section about?
0:51 Google Hummingbird update

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You can’t do SEO without optimizing content on a site. On page content signals are one of the most weighted elements in Google’s algorithm, so it’s vital that you understand how to write and optimize site content.

If you don’t have a page that’s optimized for the phrase you want to rank for, it’s going to be nearly impossible to show up for that search.

In this section of lessons, we’re going to walk you through the entire on-page optimization process, from keyword research to optimizing specific page elements. Remember, Google is really just advanced pattern detection, so when you’re optimizing your site, you’re helping to make sure that your pattern will help prove that you’re a relevant answer to your targeted key-phrases.

Google has advanced far past simple keyword-to-keyword matching techniques. Thanks to updates like the Hummingbird update, Google’s getting much better at understanding semantics – it knows that synonyms refer to the same concept, for example.

It’s no longer necessary to write content specifically for search engines, where you have a single page on your site for each keyword that you’re targeting. You should instead write your content for humans – create something that’s useful and relevant, and people will actually want to read it… and that’s the sort of content that will help you gain visibility in search results.

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