Optimizing Funnels and Tunnels: Converting Content into Contacts into Cash

Effective content marketing achieves bottom-line results. In ecommerce, those results are sales. In B2B, they’re customer acquisitions. But exactly how does a white paper, webinar, and email marketing campaign become a lead? And just what does it take to build, monitor and optimize an online sales funnel? Join us for a one-hour overview on the techniques and tools for lead generation and sales.

Find Out:
Content calibration framework for driving demand
How to stack value with interoperable marketing technology
How to demonstrate trustworthiness to visitors and Google
How to implement lead acquisition tools
Lead scoring, sales enablement, and alignment strategy

This session will be led by Eric Schwartzman, a digital marketing consultant who helps clients generate demand, leads and revenue online. His new book The Digital Pivot: Secrets on Online Marketing with a forward by David Pogue is available as a hardcover, audiobook, paperback, and ebook.

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